Meet Breanna! Chronicle’s intern attends Marquette University | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Meet Breanna! Chronicle’s intern attends Marquette University


Breanna West is a Marquette University undergraduate student from Atlanta who is interning with the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. She’s a junior and majoring in Sociology.

Have you engaged with local Jewish activities and what has that been like?

I am involved with Hillel Milwaukee and found my Jewish friends whom I call the “Jew Crew.” Every Shabbat at Hillel is meaningful and a nice way to unwind from the week. Last year we had Shabbat dinner with Holocaust survivors, which was a special experience to hear their stories.

What do you like about interning with the Chronicle?

I love the people I work with and enjoy coming into the office. It is a lively place and everyone is ready to talk about the news! I’m also very grateful that I have this opportunity and can learn from Rob Golub, our editor — we have the best time and share a lot of laughs. I am learning a lot.

What interests you for a career?

I would enjoy journalism and working for a magazine or paper. I’m working on a novel and children’s book series that I would like to publish. Another interest of mine is becoming a therapist, so I’ll be looking into that career path.

What’s your Jewish journey?

I have always been spiritual. I learned Hebrew for nine years in day school and had a bat mitzvah. I also love that Judaism is full of traditions and symbols and there are so many holidays with good food. I like the cultural side of Judaism.

What’s your favorite Jewish memory?

I was very fortunate to go on a trip to Israel with my classmates when I was 13. My entire time there in Israel is full of fond memories, especially floating in the Dead Sea, riding a camel and praying at the Kotel in Jerusalem.

What’s your take on Marquette University?

Attending Marquette University, it has really broadened my thinking and given me the opportunity to learn anything. As an institution, it has a lot of integrity and I appreciate that it’s a Jesuit school. I go have coffee with the priests, so I can sit and chat about life.

How is Milwaukee different from Atlanta?

I like to walk down to the lake in Milwaukee and I like all the local coffee. The Jewish community is smaller here, but just as active. Atlanta, though, will always be my home. I have a lot of pride for my city; I like the feel of Atlanta, the history behind the city and the jazz scene.  It’s a musical city.

Got a personal favorite quote?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”—Maya Angelou