Artist Stephen Pevnick, Ph.D., photographed in his studio by Dan Zaitz/Zaitz Photography.

Artist Stephen Pevnick, Ph.D., photographed in his studio by Dan Zaitz/Zaitz Photography.

Designer turns falling water into art

By Stephanie Wagner

"It's like an enormous inkjet printer that uses water instead of ink."

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Why Judaism needs journalism

By David Suissa

There’s a tendency in the Jewish world to look for big solutions to big problems. One of those problems is the disheartening fact that most Jews today are simply not that interested in Judaism.


Torah is often a leadership manual

By By Rabbi E. Daniel Danson

One of responsibilities of a leader is to stay on task, especially when shepherding a community through difficult times.


MJF denounces Paris attacks

 In the face of these acts, we stand with the people of France and all peace-loving people in the struggle against an extremist, supremacist ideology that is filled with hatred and backed by violence.


Wisconsin rabbis blast racial injustice

We must not permit such behavior to continue; we must, as a nation, cure the illnesses of mistrust and bigotry that plague us.


MJDS, BBYO create strong Jewish leaders

By Janaan Glass

MJDS instills in its students a love of Judaism and prepares them to become leaders who are engaged in the community. BBYO provides experiences that strengthen Jewish identity and build leadership skills. Together, they make a big impact on the future of the Jewish community.


Letter: Concessions will not bring peace

For decades Israel has made concessions and they have all been met by terror and murder.


Letter: Now is a time to differentiate our rhetoric from our destroyers’

Support does not mean we claim perfection, but it does mean we sound less like our enemies and more clearly like a friend.


D’var Torah: This is what I mean by ‘Modern Orthodoxy’

By Rabbi Nisan Andrews

The "secular" has much to teach us and can even add greater dimensions to what we consider "sacred."


Editor’s Desk: A Satan’s choice: Suffer evil or do it?

By Leon Cohen

As if the start this past September of Jewish year 5775 wasn’t bad enough with the horrid fallout from Israel’s defending itself in Operation Protective Edge. (See my Editor’s Desk column in that month’s issue.) We now are going into secular year 2015 with a bunch of developments and arguments in the news that are making my brain and heart both ache.


MJF and JAFI collaboration does miraculous things

By Danyelle Neuman

Jerusalem — Jews around the world have just finished celebrating Chanukah and the season of miracles. As we know, Chanukah celebrates miraculous events that took place in Israel just over 2,000 years ago.


JVP connects Jews who reject Israel’s policies

By Matt Sostock

Not supporting every aspect of Israeli policy does not make one any less Jewish.


Welcome to a new Chronicle look!

By Leon Cohen

As I am sure you have noticed from the first page, the January printed  issue of your Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle looks very different. 


World News

Anti-Semitic incidents doubled in France to new high

Last year saw a doubling of anti-Semitic incidents in France to a record high and a 60 percent increase in Belgium.


Is Rahat the Ferguson of Israel?

By Ben Sales

In an economically depressed town populated largely by a minority group, a young man is killed under disputed circumstances. In the days that follow, riots consume the town, pitting frustrated and angry residents against the police, who maintain their officers acted in self-defense.