Israeli singer and composer Ester Rada will perform at the  Milwaukee Jewish community's celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) on Sunday, April 26.

Israeli singer and composer Ester Rada will perform at the Milwaukee Jewish community's celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) on Sunday, April 26.

‘Yamim 2015’ events to reflect Jewish people’s ‘great journey’

A child survivor of the Holocaust, a Milwaukeean serving in the Israel Defense Force and a performance by a rising Israeli singer will be among the features in “Yamim 2015: Journey of a People.”

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D'var Torah: Judaism says, ‘It’s about time’

By Rabbi David Cohen

It is holy time, not holy space, that is the province of Judaism.


Editor’s Desk: Remember, this is a ‘golden period’

By Leon Cohen

“If my grandparents, both of whom were Holocaust survivors, knew that I get every day to think about how the Jewish people should navigate their way through the challenges to get to a better place, they would think I am one of the luckiest Jews who ever lived.”


Future of education requires fostering new types of intelligence

By Brian King

What do we know about the future that should influence how we educate children today?


For Ukraine Jews, Purim was mere respite

By Alan H. Gill

We must redouble our efforts now to care for Jews in Ukraine.


Letter: Which party is really looking out for Israel?

As I was growing up, I knew my parents were Democrats but didn’t think much about it. I assumed that if they voted that way, it must be the right decision and I voted the same way.


World News

Analysis: After the nuclear negotiators go home, what happens next?

By Uriel Heilman

At this printing (April 1), diplomats in Lausanne, Switzerland, have extended their deadline on a framework accord on Iran's nuclear program. But even if an agreement is reached this week, it's merely a way station toward a comprehensive deal that is due by June 30.


Is U.S.-Israel crisis a speed bump or sign of a long-term conflict?

By Ron Kampeas

President Barack Obama’s refusal to accept Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ostensible recommitment to a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has watchers of the U.S.-Israel relationship wondering if the recent crisis is a mere speed bump or a sign of a deeper shift in ties between the countries.


Netanyahu facing challenges, criticism from Jewish liberals

By Ron Kampeas

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu facing escalating criticism and pressure from the White House, he could use some help from Israel’s erstwhile allies in the American Jewish community -- especially those with sway in liberal and Democratic circles. But several leading Jewish liberal critics of Netanyahu are working to rally American Jewish opinion against him.


Netanyahu was master in game of threatening

By Doron Zehavi

The elections for the 20th Israel Knesset, held on March 17, were a real rollercoaster ride for me, as for many Israelis.


Guide helps voters in WZC elections

By Uriel Heilman

World Zionist Congress elections began in mid-January and run through April 30.