This fountain was part of the Song of Songs display at the Torah Academy of Milwaukee's "Manuscripts of Majesty" exhibit in March. See story in next column. The Song of Songs is read in the synagogue during Passover, which begins April 14.

This fountain was part of the Song of Songs display at the Torah Academy of Milwaukee's "Manuscripts of Majesty" exhibit in March. See story in next column. The Song of Songs is read in the synagogue during Passover, which begins April 14.

Central Wisconsin synagogue is celebrating its centennial

By Amy Waldman

When seven German immigrants incorporated Mount Sinai Congregation here in March 1914, they probably didn’t imagine a group of congregants creating a book about it 100 years down the line. It’s also a safe bet they couldn’t have foreseen a title like “In Wausau, They Grill Lox.”

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D'var Torah: Passover prayer recalls ancestors’ need for dew

By Hazzan Jeremey Stein

The Bible contains many references to dew as a life-sustaining force.


Editor's Desk: Freedom, power, Passover and the Yamim

By Leon Cohen

Clearly, freedom is impossible without power.


Commentary: Build a values-driven community

By Elana Kahn-Oren

We would be wise to consider the Pew study our call to action.


Commentary: In Israel, Yamim have a sense of holiness

By Michal Makov-Peled

Between the reminders for why we must have a state, to the reminder of what is the price of a state.


Hineni: Where I want to be

By Amy Blumenthal

Hineni, here I am. I never would have guessed when I was growing up in Los Angeles that I would move to Milwaukee in 2003 with my husband, newly hired as a biology professor at Marquette University, and my two young daughters. We could have lived so many places, as Ed applied for faculty positions all over the country. How lucky we were to land here.


Hineni: Removing inner chametz

By Sherry H. Blumberg

I take a deep breath as Pesach approaches, and I think about the work and energy it takes to prepare.


Letter: Campaign gifts secure our Jewish community

Like most readers of The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, we lead busy lives. We are a professor of law and a pediatrician, mothers and wives, children of aging parents, and women who care about the Jewish people.


Letter: Article revives memories of rabbi

 I saw the obituary of former Milwaukeean Rabbi Meir Tzvi Schuster in the March Chronicle. It brought back memories.


Passover Magazine

Wisconsin chaplains serve everywhere

By Arlene Becker Zarmi

“The healing of body and spirit is my life’s meaning,” said Rabbi Leonard Lewy.


Milwaukeeans hold a seder in Kyoto

By Nina Edelman

With very little time before departing and the lonely prospect of the two of us sitting with four glasses of sake, and sushi (gefilte fish?) balls, we consulted Google for Jews in Kyoto. There were Tokyo opportunities, but nothing in Kyoto. So why not host our own?


Israeli in Wisconsin: Seder and classroom

By Aryeh Amihay

Lawrence University is a richly diverse college. My courses have been graced with students from all over the world, with differing degrees of familiarity with the Bible.


What Passover memories will we create this year?

By Rivkie Spalter and Dr. Naama Zoran

We are the ones who create our own attitude and approach to a challenge. In that sense, looking upon ourselves as if we have personally gone through the exodus from Egypt means that it is in our hands to choose how to cope with and overcome those different challenges, and that G-d is with us in our journey.


There’s always someone Jewish

By Kipp Friedman

My wife, Anne, and I were on the second leg of a long-awaited heritage tour of Norway and Denmark last summer that was slowly taking an unexpected Jewish turn for me.


Milwaukee native Eglash edits Debbie Friedman songs anthology

By Amy Waldman

 “I wanted there to be a definitive anthology of Debbie’s music the way she wrote it,” said Cheryl Friedman, one of her two older sisters, “so people who wanted to sing it as written could, and those who wanted to do arrangements would have a foundation from which to build.”


Judaism at Home seeks one-on-one outreach

By Joshua Becker

Heels, as Jewish mysticism explains, have certain advantages over the head and intellect. The heel actualizes the intellect’s will. The heel takes us to where we need to go.


World News

A year on, a team of rivals rules Israel’s government

By Ben Sales

 The year since the formation of the new government has seen Jewish Home and the coalition’s other smaller parties driving much of the government's agenda.