Delegates from the Milwaukee and Madison Partnership2Gether region in Israel visited Milwaukee in April. Photo by Barb Budish.

Delegates from the Milwaukee and Madison Partnership2Gether region in Israel visited Milwaukee in April. Photo by Barb Budish.

Israeli region visitors build personal ties to Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s observance of Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, usually includes the lighting of candles to honor fallen soldiers. This year, visitors from Israel lit the candles in memory of their own loved ones whose lives were lost at war.

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D'var Torah: Change the world by changing ourselves

By Rabbi Shaina Bachrach

We mustnot limit ourselves to what we see and hear. We must look beyond the surface, not accept information at face value. Isaiah is telling us that above all, we must seek deep understandingWe cannot settle for less.


Editor's Desk: History gives no clue to results of Iran deal

By Leon Cohen

George Bernard Shaw in his play “Caesar and Cleopatra” has Julius Caesar poke fun at another character by saying, “He’s a barbarian; he thinks the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.” It is easy to laugh at other people for that failing, but in fact peoples of all cultures, including our own, tend to think their own culture and values are the only “natural” ones.


Judaism and Science: Complementary approaches to global climate change

By Daniel Weber

Science is concerned with the fundamental mechanisms of the universe and all its parts. Judaism, however, focuses on the fundamental purpose of creation in general and humanity in particular. Science informs us that current climate alterations are not pre-ordained but a result of modern-day and historical human activity. Judaism provides a path by which we learn to take ownership of the problem and its scientifically derived solutions.


We all met at Sinai: Embracing a unified Jewish voice

By Bonnie Rapkin

If we, the Jewish people, do not support Israel, who will? And if America sends a message throughout the world that it no longer supports Israel, imagine what our true enemies will think, say and do.


Letter: Lichter was another WPA Jewish artist

Another prominent local Jewish Works Progress Administration artist who participated in this group was my late uncle, Harry E. Lichter (1912-1975), the second oldest of the five sons of Paul and Rebecca Lichter.


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1 in 6 Jews are new to Judaism – and 9 other new Pew findings

By Uriel Heilman

The Pew Research Center’s newly released 2014 U.S. Religious Landscape Study offers a trove of data on American Jews based on interviews with 35,071 American adults, 847 of whom identified their faith as Jewish. Here are some of the more interesting findings about the Jews.