Israeli medical clown Shoshi Ofir with a young patient.

Israeli medical clown Shoshi Ofir with a young patient.

Dream Doctors reduce stress of health crises with humor

By Joshua Becker

One might think a hospital is a serious place, where clowns don’t fit in and might be disruptive.

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D'var Torah: What would Jacob think of Milwaukee?

By Rabbi Shari Shamah

I wonder if Jacob put his head on a stone in Milwaukee tonight and awoke from a dream tomorrow, what would he say about our Jewish community and how we live as Jews today?


Two Views 1: Hillel provides open forums

By Eric Fingerhut

Commitment to openness and pluralism and to support of Israel may seem contradictory, but it is not. 


Two Views 2: Hillel isn’t yet an open forum

By Lex Rofes

Hillel’s leaders have to decide whether to prioritize advocacy for Israel above enriching Jewish students’ lives. 


Misinformation about Nicolet sukkah needs correcting

By Elana Kahn-Oren

Students took initiative and sought legal and appropriate ways to live rich Jewish lives while attending public school. 


Hineni: Our heritage is here for us all

By Deborah Rosenthal Zemel

My mother was a feminist before her time. She was an activist, and she taught me the importance of being an independent woman, as well as the importance of family.


Two daughters’ recent weddings inspire reflections on marriage

By Amy Waldman

My daughters’ recent weddings have been among the most joyful events of my life so far. But the marriages that follow are what really matter.


Letter: Is writer aware of P.A. demands?

The Palestinian Authority leaders require that to achieve a viable state, Jews must be expelled.


Letter: Where can there be a Palestinian state?

In his letter in the October Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, Michael Cohn suggests that Israel should “support the creation of a viable Palestinian state.” Where?


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Extreme views on Arabs don't inhibit Orthodox embrace of Rabbi Pruzansky

By Uriel Heilman

If Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Teaneck, N.J., had his way, Arab rioters and stone throwers would be shot with live ammunition. Arabs would be barred from the Temple Mount for six months. Any village from which two or more terrorists originated would be razed and its residents deported. Arab terrorists would be executed, their bodies cremated and buried with dead pigs, their families deported and their homes destroyed or given to Jews.


Update: Making Israel's Jewish status the law: Why it matters

By Ben Sales

On Nov. 23, Israel's Cabinet advanced a bill in a 14-6 vote that if passed by the Knesset would enshrine into law Israel’s status as a Jewish state.