Hedwig and Paul Strnad

Hedwig and Paul Strnad

Holocaust victim’s dress designs come to life at Jewish museum

By Rebecca Levine

An extraordinary example of the talent lost to the world in the Holocaust will be on display at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee beginning this month.

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D’var Torah: Failure isn’t bad if we learn and improve

By Rabbi Moishe Steigmann

F.A.I.L. is really just a First (or Further) Attempt In Learning. 


Editor’s desk: What is it going to take?

By Leon Cohen

Why do so many think of Arab and Muslim chauvinists and fascists as victims and “freedom fighters,” and of the truly endangered Jewish and Israeli minority as “racist” oppressors? 


Hineni: Visit to Buchenwald inspires defiance

By Hannah Rosenthal

The most stunning moment was when we went to Buchenwald, the camp in which you were incarcerated. The kids felt it was the place they could be the most defiant.


How should teachers discuss the Gaza war?

By Jack Wertheimer

Students in all likelihood are not oblivious of the virulent hostility to Israel and Jews surfacing in the media and on the Web. It’s not clear how prepared schools are to address this issue.


It’s never too late to apologize

By Melanie Wasserman

So many possibilities for healing, reconnection and love can arise from the words “I am so very sorry.” 


Letter: Blockade is not a precision weapon

The blockade itself is not a precision weapon. It is a crude and not very effective weapon with tremendous humanitarian repercussions for ordinary Gazans. The same goes for a war.


World News

Remembering Leonard Fein

By Rabbi David Ellenson

Leonard Fein has been described as a journalist, a writer, an academic and an activist, and he surely was all of these things. He was co-founder and editor of Moment magazine and founder of Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger; and he taught at Brandeis University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Using seismic vibrations, Israeli tech firm aims to detect Gaza tunnels

By Ben Sales

Something that looks like a can of soda could be Israel's high-tech answer to the network of tunnels that Hamas has created under the Gaza border.


In Muslim Kosovo, Jewish remnant stakes claim to nation's past and future

By Ron Kampeas

Kosovo, longing for a solid footing in the West, wants the world to know that it has been good to its Jews. And its tiny Jewish community — having barely survived the 20th-century maelstrom of the Holocaust, communist rule and Balkan wars — wants government support to create tangible markers of Jewish life in the country, where more than 90 percent of the 1.8 million people are Muslims.