Synagogue raises $2,636 for trees after Israeli fires

GLENDALE – Anshe Sfard Kehillat Torah congregants came together to plant trees in Israel to replace those destroyed in the November forest fires there, as part of a fundraiser.

On the fourth day of Chanukah, the Glendale synagogue began a 24-hour fundraiser with, which quadruples donations thanks to “matchers.”  Some of the effort was to support planting trees with the Jewish National Fund.

“As part of the fundraiser our synagogue, seeing Israel as part of our mission, we decided to donate 4 percent to the JNF to plant trees to replace those destroyed in the recent forest fires,” Rabbi Wes Kalmar said.

The synagogue raised close to $66,000, including $2,636 for the Jewish National Fund, allowing 500 trees to be planted, he said.

A congregant, Hollie Nankin, suggested tying support for Israel into the campaign, he said. “We thought that seeing as that Israel is an important part of ASKT and our overall mission, that made sense,” Kalmar said.