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America should not abandon the Kurds

Posted on: November 8, 2019 | 10 Heshvan 5780 by Rob Golub

President Trump’s decision to abandon our U.S. allies, the Kurds, is a grave error. There are two problems with it. First, we are on the wrong side. It’s a matter of right and wrong. The Kurds are – or are least have been – U.S. allies who fought for many years against Saddam Hussein and […]

Editor’s Desk: A Jewish New Yorker’s guide to Wisconsin (and how Hillary lost)

Editor’s Desk: A Jewish New Yorker’s guide to Wisconsin (and how Hillary lost)

Posted on: September 6, 2019 | 6 Elul 5779 by Rob Golub

I’m a Jewish New Yorker who has become a Wisconsinite. I spent about half my life living on Long Island, in a Forest Hills apartment, and in a couple lower Manhattan apartments. The second half has been spent in West Allis, Franklin and on the North Shore of Milwaukee. For the first half of my […]

Editor’s Desk: On Israel, the truth takes a beating in local media

Posted on: July 31, 2019 | 28 Tammuz 5779 by Rob Golub

I’m usually a passionate defender of the media. I’ll be with friends or family or out in the world somewhere, or on the phone with a reader. I’ll be told the New York Times or some other media organization is anti-Israel. They say it to me in particular because I’ve worked in the media most […]

Editor’s Desk: Forty percent of America disagrees with you

Posted on: July 30, 2019 | 27 Tammuz 5779 by Rob Golub

Life is like a game of pinball. The little silver ball bounces from one side of the machine to the other. It goes where it goes. You can try to control the ball with the flippers. Good luck with that. In my experience, the flippers are pretty awful for controlling anything. It wasn’t my idea […]

Editor’s Desk: Can we please add Jews to the rainbow?

Posted on: May 2, 2019 | 27 Nisan 5779 by Rob Golub

If you don’t like what you see, maybe it’s time to change the view. Specifically, we all see rising anti-Semitism and this has me wondering about our view of the rainbow. You know: the rainbow. It’s everywhere. It’s on college campuses, made into flags and posters and maps of the United States and just about […]

Editor’s Desk: Ilhan Omar needs to believe

Posted on: February 28, 2019 | 23 Adar I 5779 by Rob Golub

  When I was editor for the daily newspaper in Racine, I noticed a bad habit among us journalists. I call it the we-got-it moment and it’s when, journalistically speaking, you fall off your game. It works like this. Big news breaks. Maybe it’s a terrible shooting or a political figure stepping down. You rush […]

Opinion: The man who doesn’t care about Israel

Posted on: January 4, 2019 | 27 Tevet 5779 by Rob Golub

  In a 17-minute podcast, Sam Harris delivers one of my favorite defenses of Israel. He’s a surprise source of support for the Jewish state. Harris is one of America’s leading public atheists, an intellectual and a philosopher with a podcast that’s downloaded one million times per episode, according to reports. He’s written five New […]

Editor’s Desk: Make a difference – Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6

Posted on: October 31, 2018 | 22 Heshvan 5779 by Rob Golub

  My, how things have changed since 2014. In 2014, we saw riots in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, President Obama initiated relations with Cuba and a Malaysian Airlines flight mysteriously disappeared (wreckage was later found). It was a time of racial strife and political division, with Ferguson serving as no small example. Yet […]

Opinion: Academic boycott of Israel makes no sense

Opinion: Academic boycott of Israel makes no sense

Posted on: October 16, 2018 | 7 Heshvan 5779 by Rob Golub

  When I read of the professor who refused to write a letter of recommendation for a student to attend a Tel Aviv study-abroad program, my thoughts turned to Flint, Michigan.    Yes, Flint, Michigan.   You may recall, Flint is the city that had too much lead in the drinking water. A government switch […]

Opinion: U.S. paper tariffs impact the Chronicle

Posted on: August 7, 2018 | 26 Av 5778 by Rob Golub

  If you’re whitewater rafting and notice some unexpectedly busy rapids up ahead, best to give it your full attention. Here at the Chronicle, we can see the white froth just around the bend. It has our attention. What shall we do? The tussle over international trade has come home to the Chronicle. As you […]