History | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle


The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle is the only weekly newspaper serving Wisconsin’s Jewish community. It delivers the Jewish perspective on contemporary issues with a vibrancy that reflects the lives of its readers.

Founded in 1921, this award-winning newspaper keeps Wisconsin Jewry in touch with the Jewish community near and far through a variety of weekly and monthly features, opinions, debates and new stories. It encourages current and former members of the community to help celebrate and create a record of personal and collective Jewish memories.

The first issue of the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle was published on December 16, 1921, by Nathan J. Gould and Irving G. Rhodes.

Milwaukee’s first English language Jewish newspaper, The Chronicle aimed to unify the local Jewish community, including those who had arrived decades earlier and new immigrants.

The Chronicle aspired to build consensus within the Jewish community. In a front-page editorial in its first issue, Gould and Rhodes elucidated their aspirations for the newspaper:

The Chronicle represents no particular section or group of the Jewish people. It is a medium of expression for ALL the Jewish people of every shade of opinion. It will not propagandize; it will only report. It shall be all that its name implies — A JEWISH CHRONICLE.

In its support of civic enterprises for the betterment of all citizens in city and state, it shall be non-religious and non-partisan.

We will spare no expense of effort to produce the very best publication in the field of American Jewish journalism and a paper worthy to represent the great Jewish people of Milwaukee and of Wisconsin.

In 1972, The Milwaukee Jewish Federation purchased The Chronicle and has been its publisher since.

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