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Liza Wiemer’s monthly recommendation: Travel back to ancient Egypt 

“Afikomen,” story by Tziporah Cohen, Illustrated by Yaara Eshet, published by Groundwood Books. 

In this stunning wordless picture book, “readers” will follow three children who travel back in time from their Passover seder to ancient Egypt. It follows what happened to baby Moses and how he was saved from the Nile River. There is a touching author’s note, reflecting on how we must see ourselves as if we were once slaves in Egypt, not just our ancestors. “Afikoman” received the prestigious Sydney Taylor Honor Award. This is an excellent book to have on hand for children while going through the Haggadah. 

“Everybody’s Book: The Story of the Sarajevo Haggadah,” by Linda Leopold Strauss, illustrated by Tim Smart, published by Kar-Ben Publishing 

The miraculous history of the Sarajevo Haggadah is a beacon of hope, bringing people of all faiths together to save this precious hand-painted haggadah over hundreds of years. It was a cherished gift given to a bride and groom around 1350 in Spain. When the family was forced out because of the Spanish Inquisition, the haggadah traveled with them, starting a long and challenging journey that eventually led to its current home: the Bosnian National Museum. Highly recommend as a way of sharing Jewish history and the importance of Passover from generation to generation.  

“Afikotective,” by Amalia Hoffman, published by Kar-Ben Publishing 

This adorable picture book highlights the items placed on the seder plate along with the three matzahs for the seder. When the middle matzah is broken in half, the larger piece is hidden to be found by the children. Where is it? The Afikotective is on the hunt until it is found. A short author’s note explains the meaning of afikomen. 

“Frankenstein’s Matzah: A Passover Parody,” by K. Marcus, illustrated by Sam Loman, published by Intergalactic Afikoman

A welcoming Passover book for the LGBTQ+ community, in which a non-binary student takes a science fair project to a whole new level of experimental fun. Vee brings a matzah to life, creating a “manztah.” This unique picture book will spark the imagination. 

“Afikoman, Where’d You Go?: A Passover Hide-And-Seek Adventure,” by Rebecca Gardyn Levington, illustrated by Noa Kelner 

Where did the afikomen go? Children will enjoy searching for the missing afikomen in this brightly illustrated picture book. With rhyming and repetition, this is a fun book to read aloud. 

Educator and author Liza Wiemer, of Fox Point, has taught in nine of our Milwaukee-area Jewish religious schools and day schools. Her latest novel, “The Assignment,” is appropriate for ages 12 and up.