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From the Midwest to the Mid-East

From my Birthplace in the Heartland of America,  

The Midwest  

To my Birthright in the Homeland of Israel,    

The Mid-East  

I am with you.  

As my blood pumps through my veins  

Here in the Midwest  

It cries within my heart, dwelling with you always,  

In the Mid-East.  

My heart, broken in pieces  

As I stare at pictures from my home  

In the Midwest  

Of those ripped from their homes   

In the Mid-East  

Pictures of those with hearts in terror   

Stolen underground to fates unknown  

And of those with hearts now silenced forever  

Beautiful, wide-eyed babies and children,  

Brave young soldiers  

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents  

Entire families  

Oh Israel!!   Our promised land – our sweet and priceless gift… Yet what a price you have to pay  

Over and over and over  

With blood, sweat, tears…   

And an unfailing love   

Flowing from an undying faith  

Though half a globe away, in the Midwest  

I am never far from you, in the Mid-East.  

I stand with you, beside you, praying for you  

Loving you.  


Israel, strong  

Israel, forever.  

Am Yisrael Chai. 

* * *

This poem is by Bonnie Rapkin, who is originally from Fox Point and has resided in West Bend for the past 35 years. She lives with her husband Rich and 2 dogs, Dash and Killian. She is the mother of three grown children and the proud grandmother of two adorable little boys. Rapkin is a former columnist and features reporter for the West Bend Daily News. She has only had the amazing opportunity to travel to Israel once, but she was there for a month, and it was a truly life-changing experience. It is her greatest wish to someday return.