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Katz rebuilds Bayside apartment building

BAYSIDE – If you’ve ever looked to rent an apartment in the Milwaukee area, you’re probably familiar with Katz Properties.  

Their rental signs are ubiquitous, found at spots like the Juneau Village Towers, or on Oakland Avenue, or Prospect Avenue, or in Whitefish Bay, and even in Madison and elsewhere. 

But Dan Katz says he’s never built an apartment building before. He just rents them. Now, he’s so excited about building an apartment complex that’s he’s moved his corporate headquarters into the structure. He said he likes being close to the work. 

Katz said he’s grateful no lives were lost when part of White Oaks, on Brown Deer Road, burned down in March 2019. Fire coursed through the 62-unit apartment building. There was no evidence to suggest a suspicious or malicious start to the fire, according to the North Shore Fire Department. 

Dan Katz has now rebuilt the structure, taking pride in putting high-end finishing touches on the work. This is no slap-dash rental project. Vintage posters he personally won at an auction are in stately frames on walls throughout the public areas of the new building. Front door number plates were made in England. There’s the window in the stairwell, an unusual touch. There are gas stoves, which he said are more costly, and elegant bathroom fixtures. 

“The result is great. And I’m very proud of it,” Katz said. “It’s great to get this to happen.” 

The building is not yet open to tenants, but it is accepting rental applications. The leasing office can be reached at 414-881-0932. 

Noe Goldhaber contributed to this story.