Planning a wedding for an onerous 2022 – bride Sarah Hendrix said planning her wedding has been a challenge | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Planning a wedding for an onerous 2022 – bride Sarah Hendrix said planning her wedding has been a challenge 


Oh, 2022, why do you have to be so difficult? Milwaukee resident Sarah Hendrix has had to jump through hoops to plan her perfect Jewish wedding for 2022. 

Hendrix and Jeremy Walker will marry in September at The Atrium in Shorewood. Something about 2022, after years of pandemic living, has changed wedding planning, Hendrix said.  

“When we were sending out emails about seeing potential wedding vendors, some weren’t responding, others would say they were all booked up for 2022, and we definitely had a lot of trouble with no responses,” Hendrix said.  

Due to a widely-reported wedding boom occurring as a result of the postponement of pandemic weddings, Hendrix said it was difficult to ensure her date and desired vendors were available.  

“In the beginning it was a little nerve-wracking. I was doing a little more planning than I thought I would have to be,” Hendrix said. “I really thought I would have time to space things out, but I ended up doing a lot of it on the front end because I was worried about the date.” 

Some wedding venues she reached out to did not have availability for tours until months later. Others required signed forms before any touring could occur. Despite Hendrix planning more than a year before the wedding, it was difficult to book a venue. 

But even after the venue was booked, it was still hard to get everything situated. She had five caterers that she was very interested in, but two were already booked for the year and one came back with a price she viewed as unreasonable.  

Hendrix also decided to book a wedding planner to act as a “partial planner,” who is serving as a resource now but will be taking more control three months prior to the wedding date. 

“When you’re planning a wedding, it’s something that you have never done before, you have never been the center of attention doing it, but this is what the industry people that you are talking with do every day,” Hendrix said. “It was very quick to see who the people are that gave you a good feeling about it and really walked you through things.” 

Hendrix will be having a Jewish ceremony at her wedding complete with a ketubah, floral chuppah and stomping on the glass. Since Hendrix and her fiancé met and live together in Milwaukee, they feel it is important for the wedding to have a local flair. Purple Door Ice Cream will be catering miniature ice-cream cones for dessert and Saz’s Catering will provide mozzarella sticks as a late-night snack.