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Jean Katz

Sata, also known as Jean Katz, passed away love filled on September 25, 2021. A family focused nature loving Zionist teacher taught ‘when given the chance always take the pretty way!’ She was surrounded by her loving children and blanketed by her 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Sata graduated from Shorewood high school and got her degree in teaching from the school of education at Milwaukee State Teachers college. She used that degree to teach at a variety of local synagogues as well as at kindergartens in Israel where she and her family spent living for many years. She worked with students tutoring Hebrew at the Milwaukee Jewish Day School as well as at Katz Hillel Day School in Boca Raton. Fluent in Hebrew, French and Yiddish she loved using these languages wherever she traveled and lived. Family recipes started with the first direction of ‘put on Jewish music’. Sata lived a full and active life whether it was for endless miles on her bike, thousands of strokes swimming in pools and lakes or meandering for countless miles of walking. She is best known as a professional model. She modeled how to be a good person, how to welcome people to her home, how to be a proud Jew, how to be accepting of others and how to make every person feel uniquely special in her life. She adored and had unconditional love and admiration for each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

Sata’s children are Binnie and Mark Swislow, Daniel and Caroline Katz and Moshe and Debra Katz. Her grandchildren are Ben and Stacy Swislow, Micah and Rebecca Swislow, Eliana and Bryan Wool, Sarah and Josh Hirth, Lilly and Ezra Gontownik, Hannah Katz, Jacob Katz, Pearl Katz, Aaron Katz, Cydny Katz and Gabe Katz. Sata’s great grandchildren are Talia, Jonah, Maya, Orli, Shai and Liel.  

Funeral services (link to zoom will be provided) at Mound Zion Cemetary on September 27, 2021 at 11:30. Shiva will be tented outdoors at Sata’s home at 7820 N Fairchild Road on September 30 and October 1 for shacharit, mincha and maariv services. Shiva will continue in Milwaukee outdoors and tented at the home of Moshe and Debra Katz 7718 N Beach Drive on Sunday-Wednesday October 3, 4 and 5 for mincha and maariv. Shiva will also continue in Boca Raton outdoors and tented at the home of Daniel and Caroline Katz 7782 Tennyson Court on Sunday October 3, 4 and 5 for shachrit, mincha and maariv.  

Contributions to Solomon Schechter in Northbrook, IL, Katz Hillel Day School in Boca Raton or MIlwaukee Jewish Day School in Milwaukee. 

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