One year later, another pandemic message from Emma Y. Jacobson | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

One year later, another pandemic message from Emma Y. Jacobson  


Emma Jacobson, who turns 11 on Aug. 2, is entering sixth grade in the Washington, D.C., area. Milwaukee is her second home, and she has many friends and family here. She is a camper this summer at the Steve & Shari Sadek Family Camp Interlaken JCC in Eagle River. 

Almost one year ago I wrote about covid for the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle and how things were going. Now, I want to say some stuff about how much things have changed.  

I am very hopeful for many things, one of them is the pandemic ending and kids under 12 getting their vaccine. I am so happy about how much things have changed since last summer, and I hope things keep getting better.  

In my last article, I wrote about things you can do to stop the virus. For example I wrote, “Some things we can do are social distance, washing our hands really, really well, and not going out alot.” And all of those things are still true. You DO need to wash your hands really well.  

 Even though a lot of people are getting the vaccine, many others are not, and I don’t know about you, but I really want to see my friends and do fun stuff again. If you are over 12 please get the vaccine! This year I have spent a lot of time in Wisconsin, which is where most of my family lives, and I did school there. I normally would never do school anywhere besides my school, but because it was virtual, I stayed in Wisconsin.  

I am also going to sleepaway camp and it’s going to be weird because we will wear masks, but I hope I have a lot of fun and I hope that everyone else going somewhere this summer stays safe and has fun! Another thing is every Wednesday for the past four or five months me and some of my friends go to a park and meet up and hang out because we can’t really be with each other otherwise. So we meet and play.  

And my last thing is about a month before school ended, I started in-person school and that was awkward because I haven’t been to school in over a year. We wore masks all day besides lunch but otherwise it was the same as normal school, except for me this was my first year at middle school so it was even more weird. It was very hard for me because I was going from elementary school to middle school, in a global pandemic. But I survived and going in-person was so much easier than online.  

Don’t forget to wash your hands and wear a mask!