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Hillel Milwaukee has new staff


Hillel Milwaukee has seen some staff come and go during the pandemic, and the new four-person office has a common character trait, said Executive Director Deb Fendrich. It’s about initiative.  

“This team is very self-starting. We are go-getters. We don’t want for something to come up. We seek it out,” Fendrich said. 

The staff are: 

  • Executive Director Deb Fendrich, who stepped up in September from her prior role as assistant director at Hillel Milwaukee. 
  • Director of Student Life Anna Goldstein, who previously served as outreach and teen philanthropy coordinator at Milwaukee Jewish Federation. Before that, she was a student at Marquette University and was active in Hillel Milwaukee and in growing Jewish student life on her campus. Goldstein started in October. 
  • Israel fellow Shaked Ram is completing her third and final year at Hillel Milwaukee. A subsequent young Israeli emissary is expected to take her spot in august.  
  • Springboard Ezra Fellow Dalilah Bernier is graduate from Florida Atlantic University with an undergraduate degree in Jewish Studies and Communication/Media Studies. Bernier joined Hillel Milwaukee in July 2020.  

As Hillel Milwaukee Student Board president, Matty Powell has sat in on meetings with staff.  “It’s a lot of people putting in a lot of work to make sure the students get what they need,” she said.