Opinion: Black Lives Matter is not what it seems | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Opinion: Black Lives Matter is not what it seems 


Just one month ago, I was shocked the very first day it was suggested that all over America police departments be defunded. Now we are seeing these outofcontrol sentiments go nationwide. This began in Minneapolis; now there is serious talk in New York, Los Angeles Chicago and right here in Milwaukee. Worse still, police have been ordered out of schools along with metal detectors. 

To my chagrin, I was shocked to read the lead story in Julys Chronicle about Black Lives Matter. Two years ago, I informed some local community members of the leadership of this movement of its anti-Israel, antisemitic and pro-boycott, divest and sanction leanings. I am even more disgusted with Jewish involvement with this organization when so many are unaware of its real stance.  Most supporters are white millennials, with more women than men. 

At this time of rampant lawlessness, we are witnessing the destruction of monuments to our unique history, by ignorant people who do not know history. We have local political leadership derelict in their Constitutional duties to serve their communities, especially in Madison where the rioters damaged the Hillel house as well as the Veterans museum. Even worse, a supportive Democrat, a state senator, was badly beaten on the same night as the statue of Norwegian immigrant Hans Christian Heg was pulled down. He was a brave abolitionist who fought for Wisconsin and died fighting against slavery. 

Now we have the ADL supporting Rev. Al Sharpton, who is no friend of Jewish people. Jews like convicted terrorist bomber Susan Rosenberg of  the “Thousand Currents” charity manages the fundraising operations for the national arm of “Black Lives Matter.” This organizations main goal is not to fight racism but rather be in the throes of a Marxist revolution to affect the Presidential Election. Two of the leaders,  Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, are both Marxists. Defunding the police is just at the beginning of what the BLM organization wants. 

Marxists destroy countries by doing away with law and order. Just look at the rampant crime in Milwaukee and Chicago right now. What happens to the Jewish community when a muchneeded response that’s so critical is placed on hold? 

This is why I was so upset to read a puff-piece on people like this as the main story in our Jewish  Chronicle. Black Lives Matter was marching against Israel just this last week. When things go horribly wrong, they will go after us when our usefulness is no longer needed. Just look at Democrat Sen. Tim Carpenter. Don’t even get me started on Antifa. 

Peter Gilbert is a Milwaukee area IDF veteran.