Orthodox Union issues coronavirus guidelines | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Orthodox Union issues coronavirus guidelines


The Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America issued guidelines to synagogues and communities regarding reopening, according to a Friday, May 8 news release.

The guidelines state that it is not yet time to reopen, though there can be no global or national schedule for reopening because every community is unique. 

“Sadly, we will not be able to just throw open the doors to our shuls and all come back together. We will return slowly, in smaller groups, for shorter times, perhaps less frequently, and certainly with social distancing and masks,” state the guidelines.

The guidelines also state that there is insufficient evidence that those with antibodies have immunity; those over 65 or at higher risk should be forbidden or discouraged from attendance at shul; and every shul should draft a plan.

A spokeswoman noted that “the issuance of this guidance does not imply that any reopening should be done at this point.”