Tips for a job hunt | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Tips for a job hunt

Looking for a job? Don’t despair! Everyone has done it, and all you need is one. Here are some tips:

Work your contacts. If you don’t volunteer or aren’t on a board or committee, consider getting yourself started. Besides feeling good about contributing to the world, you’ll make new contacts outside your circle. The world is changing rapidly, because these are changing times, so new virtual opportunities may quickly become available.

Tell people you’re looking. If you can tell people you’re looking, you should. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, and you want your network working for you.

Think out of the box. What you did before doesn’t have to perfectly match up with what you do next. You can have different resumes for different kinds of positions. Consider school but be careful. Schooling can change how the world sees you and open up new opportunities later in life, but it can also be an expensive dud. Consider sending an email to someone already in your prospective profession. Tell them the truth – you’re thinking of going back to school (or going to school for the first time), and you want to know if this path is likely to result in a job for someone at your stage of life. Would they consider giving you advice? People love to give advice, and they often want to help. Mostly, they’ll say yes.

Also, before school, take a look at the want ads. If you don’t see many want ads in your chosen field, maybe you need a new plan?

Proofread carefully! Proofread your applications carefully before you submit! Shoveling a boatload of poorly composed applications into the world is less likely to work. Good luck!