Local kosher grocery delivery service could use volunteers | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Local kosher grocery delivery service could use volunteers

MILWAUKEE – Mordechai Bates, local proprietor of Quick Kosher, a business he started in July to connect local consumers with kosher food, could use some assistance. 

He’s been overwhelmed with orders for Passover and more in this coronavirus era. “Not much time for sleep, eating, family time, things like that,” he said. 

“We’re trying to accommodate everyone as much as possible to make sure that everyone has food and is not required to leave the house,” he said. 

Asked if he needed anything from the community, he said, “if people would volunteer to deliver or to help with those people who can’t make it out of their house, that would be helpful.” 

If you know of someone who is elderly, who may not be comfortable with figuring out how to order online, please check on them. 

“A lot of the elderly struggle with my kind of business because it’s not what they’re used to,” Bates said. 

Quick Kosher can be reached at 414-502-8063 or Quick-Kosher.com. For more on Quick Kosher, see the next edition of the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, due out May 1.