Milwaukee Jewish Federation cancels or postpones all large events | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Milwaukee Jewish Federation cancels or postpones all large events 


Milwaukee Jewish Federation has canceled or postponed gatherings of more than 30 people through Passover, or April 16to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

In a March 12 letter to the Jewish community, Federation Board Chair Moshe Katz and President and CEO Miryam Rosenzweig said the nonprofit will “remain focused on preventing illness at our programs and events, on our missions and trips and in the buildings we operate. 

Each organization must make its own decisions about whether to hold or cancel events based on the mission of their agency, the populations they serve, and the nature of their events, according to the letter.  For many of of our Jewish organizations, community gatherings are absolutely critical to their mission and therefore may be continued, the authors added. 

Our mission is to care for the needs of the Jewish people and build a vibrant Jewish future in Milwaukee, in Israel and around the world. Right now, the best way for us to care for the Jewish community is to cancel or postpone our larger events,” reads the letter.