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Got problems? Free help

If you’ve got problems, Beth Mumper can help. And it’s free.

Thanks in part to funding from Milwaukee Jewish Federation, Mumper has been tasked with providing case management services to the Jewish community, effective Jan. 1, 2020. She’s the new Jewish community case manager, serving people of all ages.

Beth Mumper, the new Jewish community case manager, at Jewish Family Services, 1300 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee. Photo by Rob Golub.

She can connect local people with resources or provide other short-term assistance. Examples of needs she can address include someone who:

Just moved here and is looking for a synagogue;  

  • Is in financial difficulty;
  • Is having issues with children;
  • Has housing needs;
  • Has physical needs;
  • Needs employment;
  • Needs food;
  • Is in search of psychological wellbeing.

This is not a complete list, Mumper said. The position is broad and flexible. “It’s focusing on people in the Jewish community and connecting with them, to help them with the resources that they may not know are out there,” she said.

The service is offered at no charge to the Jewish community, and Mumper is reaching out to rabbis and others to let people know she’s available.

This Jewish Family Services position is brand new, created after the Federation’s Human Services Task Force study identified case management as a need within the Jewish community. But Mumper is not new to Jewish Family Services, having already worked there since February as a case manager — just not with a special focus on the Jewish community.

“My family comes from the West Side of Milwaukee,” she said, adding that she comes from Russian-Jewish roots. Growing up locally, she was bat mitzvahed at Congregation Shalom in Fox Point.

Mumper previously worked in child welfare in Milwaukee for eight years.

“I’m basically serving as an advocate for people who have questions,” she said. “I’m very privileged to be given the opportunity from Jewish Family Services to take part in assisting the needs of the community … working together to make the community brighter for generations to come.”

Contact Beth Mumper at 414-225-1347 or