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Federation offered ‘First 7 Minutes’ training

Would people at local faith-based institutions know what to do in the first minutes of a medical crisis?

Now, thanks to local training offered through a partnership between Milwaukee Jewish Federation and Magen David Adom, many have been given training for a good foundation in initial response.

The training made the Federation the first organization in the United States to bring the “First 7 Minutes” lessons from Israel’s national emergency medical, disaster and ambulance services to non-medical personnel in America.

The Federation sponsored Magen David Adom’s First 7 Minutes training locally for 175 people from July 15-17, 2019.

The training provided guidance on what to do in the early moments of a crisis. It offered a simulation of a terrorist attack. Other faith groups outside Judaism were invited to participate.

The slots for the Milwaukee-area training with Israeli first responders were available for local faith-based workers. There was no charge. Nearly 50 different organizations participated.

 “The training includes both lectures and interactive drills, with hands-on medical simulations,” said Ari Friedman, director of security and community properties for the Federation.

The training “is based on the Israeli experience in handling and treating multiple casualty incidents on a semi-regular basis,” said Abby Klein, a spokeswoman for Magen David Adom.

The organization has developed seven guidelines which when properly implemented are proven to save lives prior to the arrival of emergency teams, she said. The seminar is geared to train members of any and all communities and empower them to take the necessary steps to save lives prior to the arrival of emergency teams.