Still walking, with walker | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Still walking, with walker

Ruane “Ru” Hill is 95 years old, but his goal is to live as long as his great aunt Martha, who died one week before turning 112.

Motivated to achieve this goal, Ru makes an effort to be active. Despite his use of a walker to assist with balance, Ru goes on a 50-minute walk every morning after his breakfast, without fail.

“I do six floors in the building, then I walk outside, down the ramps to the lake,” Ru said about his route. “I go down the ramps on the way there, but of course I have to go up on the way back.” If the weather is “sloppy,” Ru will walk 12 floors, including in the Ovation Chai Point building, where he lives.

Despite his role in many radio stations during his lifetime – he was the founding manager of WUWM in 1964 and managed it for 12 years – Ru chooses to have conversations with himself during his walks. “We argue a lot,” he chuckles. 

Ru is an emeritus professor of mass communication at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. His chief life advice he usually presented to his student advisees can be extended to all: “Sample almost everything within/outside major, seek opportunities, value friendships, keep waistline in control and avoid too much chocolate ice cream.”