Letters, March 2019 | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Letters, March 2019

To the editor:

How refreshing to read Dr. Pullin’s article entitled “Commentary: Blacklist delivers, but American communism needs more probing.” It just gets so tiresome to constantly read about how the “Hollywood Ten” and other American communists were just American (mostly Jewish) liberals just going about their business and were hounded mercilessly and unjustifiably by the evil McCarthy and Hoover. Perhaps Hoover and McCarthy stepped over the line and trod on some of our civil liberties, just as after 9-11 the Homeland Security act no doubt did the same. But let’s not kid ourselves, the United States was facing an existential battle with communism. Communism was devoted to conquering the world and enslaving and murdering those who did not agree with this murderous philosophy. It can even be very easily argued that communism has been responsible for many more murders of innocents (estimates range in the area of 20,000,000 people) than the Inquisition, the Crusades and the Nazis combined. To romanticize this murderous movement in any way washes over its heinous crimes.

In addition, another cause célèbre of the same era, the Rosenberg trial, is completely whitewashed as well, portraying the Rosenbergs as almost innocent Jewish liberals  framed or coerced into their traitorous deeds. Instead, the Rosenbergs were instrumental in giving the deepest secrets of the Unites States’ atomic bomb program to the Soviets, allowing them to force their hegemony over scores of innocent countries.

And let’s not kid ourselves either … there were secular Russian Jews instrumental to the formation and creation of communism. This is not anti-Semitism to state this, it is factual.  While this is a highly complex issue, suffice it to say, in their defense that they did look at communism as the secular beginning of the messianic era. Once evil human nature took over the movement, Jews were cast out and persecuted, along with millions murdered, until the Soviet Union was defeated by Ronald Reagan leading to Glasnost and the fall of the iron curtain.

Communism was not cute. Communism was not some innocent social betterment movement. Communism was and continues to be the cause of tremendous human suffering throughout the world wherever it is still found. It should be reviled, not celebrated.

Jay Lakritz