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Help get out the vote on Sunday, Nov. 4


MILWAUKEE – Tikkun Ha-Ir, the local social action nonprofit, is seeking volunteers to help with its get-out-the-vote effort on Sunday, Nov. 4, from noon to 2 p.m.

Volunteers will pair up and knock on doors in the vicinity of the Mill Road Library, which is part of a network of city libraries offering early voting.

Tikkun Ha-Ir Executive Director Sami Stein Avner said this is a chance to pursue justice as Jews. “It’s important because it’s the most fundamental way that we can ensure as Jews and as residents of Milwaukee that there’s true representation in our leadership, that our values are actually put into action through our leaders, that we have a say in who they are,” she said.

Tikkun Ha-Ir is taking the lead on the Nov. 4 event. But a kick-off event that attracted about 30 people and other events with about 7-15 volunteers each have involved yet more organizations. Key groups have included the National Council of Jewish Women – Milwaukee Section, Congregation Shalom, Hillel Milwaukee, Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Milwaukee Jewish Federation, among others.

Nov. 4 volunteers will receive materials and instruction from a Souls to the Polls representative. Souls to the Polls is a black-community led initiative to get out the vote.

Avner said the Nov. 4 canvassing effort will be the last one for the Jewish community, it’s close to the Nov. 6 Election Day and residents will be able to go vote that Sunday at the nearby Mill Road Library.

“’A’ leads to ‘B,’” Avner said. “If you care about these issues, voting is your vehicle for ensuring that these things happen.”

To learn more about volunteering on Nov. 4, email Avner at