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1968: Do you remember?


Are you old enough to remember what was happening 50 years ago? Here are some of our top headlines from the July 12, 1968 Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, with some 2018 perspective.

An ad from Hack’s, a local chain, offered this TV for $499.

Welfare fund buys land at Good Hope Road

The 1968 Chronicle told us about the Jewish Welfare Fund’s purchase of a four-acre site at 45th Street and Good Hope Road. Plans were in place to house Hillel Academy, the Jewish Board of Education, the Hebrew High School and the adult education services of the Board.

The Jewish Welfare Fund was putting a prior location up for sale – at 4060 N. Oakland Ave.

Today, Jewish schools exist throughout the area, including Bader Hillel High. At 45th and Good Hope Road, you’ll find the University Club of Milwaukee and residential homes.

Harold Stein chairs Vatikim banquet

We reported that Harold Stein, “a prominent Milwaukee businessman and communal worker,” co-chaired the committee for the July 21, 1968 “Vatikim” banquet. Buy your tickets – a capacity audience is expected!

The banquet was to honor a group of 12 vatikim, or old-timers, at Beth Israel Congregation.

Harold Stein, in the July 12, 1968 Chronicle.

Nathan Hulbert and Joe Seft, leaders of the Racine community, and Harold Erlien, chairman from Sheboygan, headed the banquet committee in their respective cities, according to Ben Sadoff, Fond du Lac state chairman.

Advertisement: Hack’s Sale!

A big ad, covering about a third of a page, alerted the public that Hack’s was having its lowest prices of the year on a “Dependable RCA Color Television.”

“Now from Hack’s, your RCA Color TV Headquarters, comes the color TV buy you’ve been waiting for! Sensational at $499,” the ad promised. “Don’t wait! Buy today! No money down, $20 monthly.”

Today, you can get a 50-inch flat screen for a similar price or cheaper, but hey, $499 was a fortune back in 1968!

You could be a doctor in Israel

The 1968 Chronicle ran an editorial highlighting the opportunities for doctors in Israel.

“What better chance to serve Israel and mankind than this?” we wrote. “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and burgeoning to greatness. Moreover, taxes are not almost-confiscatory as doctors find them in some other democracies. And their children can grow up with a good Jewish education (some could even boast of being sabras). And the Mediterranean climate! Even better than California’s!”

The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle July 12, 1968 edition was published 50 years ago.

We continued, “We don’t expect there will be an exodus of doctors to Israel as a result of this tip, but if any physicians, specialists or other paramedical personnel are interested, call The Chronicle; we’ll give you an address and telephone number for further details.”

Oh, the irony, as our journalistic forebears make a tongue-in-cheek reference to the climate of pioneer-era Israel being better than that of ritzy California. Today, Tel Aviv in particular is plenty ritzy, Israel is a thoroughly modern country and no tongue-in-cheek is required.