Poll: Which metro area would you choose?

If you had to move to one of the metro areas with the most Jewish residents in the US, which would you choose? We’re giving you the top four choices:

New York City. This is the big daddy with 2 million Jewish residents. We hear the subway is a disaster and housing is ridiculously expensive, but such bright lights and big city!

Los Angeles. What great weather and it’s the entertainment capital of the world!

South Florida. Sometimes called New York City’s sixth borough (in addition to Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx), South Florida has transplants from all over, is fast-growing and is sunny year-round!

San Francisco Bay Area. Come here for great weather and a left-leaning political climate. It’s a place of great diversity and high-tech and how about those beaches!

If you had to move to a top-four Jewish metro area in the US, which would you choose?

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