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Milwaukee native’s harrowing experience

Milwaukee native Myles “Mick” Levine is the subject of a book about his family’s harrowing experience.

“The Levine Project,” a new non-fiction book on an Arizona contractor’s alleged “campaign of terror” against his clients, features Mick as one of the victims.

Myles “Mick” and Karen Levine

Mick was born in Wisconsin and graduated in 1965 from John Marshall High School in Milwaukee. He attended University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago.

The book is co-authored by Mick’s wife, Karen Levine. In the book, a contractor’s promise of “a couple of days work” to repair a driveway becomes a nightmare of harassment, destruction of property, terror and attempted murder.

A basic construction job leads to destruction of private property as well as the personal lives and peace of mind for the Tucson residents, according to the book. Acts of personalized domestic terrorism culminate in a terror-filled flight to safety from a toxic cloud that forced the evacuation of an entire neighborhood.

“The Levine Project” is an effort to document Mick and Karen’s struggle against a man focused on a personal vendetta and then a decade-long battle for justice in state and federal courts.

The co-author of the book is Dan Baldwin, the award-winning author, co-author or ghostwriter of more than 60 books. It was published in August by Trafford Publishing in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.