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Hillel Milwaukee offers Israel Spring Leadership Mission


Hillel Milwaukee is offering an Israel Spring Leadership Mission for the first time.

The trip is open to all Jewish students from every university and college in the Milwaukee area through an application process. The trip is scheduled for March 16-25, 2018.

“This is a deep-dive into Israel to further develop students’ leadership skills so they can become an improved activist and take that passion and knowledge back to their community in Milwaukee,” said Pnina Ezra, Jewish Agency Israel Fellow of Hillel Milwaukee.

Tourism is not the intention. The trip incorporates the highest level of engagement.  “[This trip] is to take the students to the ‘next levels,’ so they will plan the itinerary.”

There are many opportunities such as “meet with Israeli activists, tech-industry leaders, culture and arts,” Ezra said.

A pedestrian listens to music in Tiberias, Israel in late 2016. Photo by Rob Golub.

One option for students to consider is to meet with Palestinian activists. “The politics in Israel is sometimes what draws people to Israel,” Ezra said.

The trip will host 10 to 15 students. Students are responsible for a $250 deposit, airfare and paying for some of their own meals on the trip, but the trip is heavily subsidized.

The application involves an online submission, an interview and the completion of two pre-leadership sessions, one in the spring semester and one in the fall semester.

The expectation of the students is to “be committed and an active participant [while on the trip],” Ezra said.

In Israel, talking to thought-leaders and culture-shakers, Ezra’s advice to students is to “apply, be yourself, and be ready to have another life-changing experience.”

To apply, visit goo.gl/oUGUq2.

Applications due no later than Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. Questions? Email Pnina Ezra Pnina@HillelMke.org.