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News from the Chronicle – from 1967


Today, Israeli power in the Middle East is well established, but back in 1967, Jewish Milwaukee breathed a sigh of guarded relief as it was sending support to a Jewish state escaping annihilation.

The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle was published weekly in 1967. When the Friday, June 9 Chronicle was sent to the press on June 8, the Six Day War was at its half-way point. This edition effectively captures the moment in time, as fear and panic were giving way to relief.

Children in the shelter at Kibbutz Dan during the Six Day War. Photo by the Center for Documentation of the Upper Galilee.


Here are a few top Chronicle headlines and excerpts of supporting text from that day, based on international and local reporting:

 Israeli Forces Capture … Old Jerusalem; Reach Suez

“Israel claimed victory over the Arabs only 60 hours after the first shots were fired in the war early Monday morning.”

“The victory communique had claimed Israel pilots dealt a ‘fatal blow’ to the air forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. The combination of air superiority and slashing tank attacks humiliated the Arab armies for the third time in 20 years.”

“Gen. Moshe Dayan, Israeli defense minister, spoke at a news conference in Jerusalem climaxing the day of stunning Israeli victories Wednesday. He said Israel would never give up the captured Jordanian city of old Jerusalem.”

Biggest Giving in History of Milwaukee Welfare

“On Tuesday night, June 6, 62 Jewish community leaders gathered at the home of Max Kohl to meet the historic challenge of sustaining Israel’s existence with gifts totaling more than $1 million.”

Crowd of 3,000 Urged to Give Israel Vast Sums

“Some 3,000 people overflowed the meeting rooms and corridors of the Jewish Community Center Monday night and spilled out onto the front lawn for an emergency meeting on the crisis of the Middle East. Loudspeakers carried talks by Sen. Gale McGee of Montana, and Rabbi Dudley Weinberg of Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun, and requests by local leaders for donations and blood.”

Battle Rages in Sinai; Heavy Egyptian Losses

“In a desperate attempt to escape from the Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian armored units counter-attacked in force Thursday. The attack came after the official declaration that Egypt would not agree to the United Nations cease-fire order.”

“An Israeli military spokesman in Tel Aviv reported that 100 Egyptian tanks had been destroyed in the first hours of the battle and that three Egyptian MIG’s were shot down as Egypt tried to salvage its defeated armored forces.”

Puppy Chooses Israel

“A brown and white puppy crossed the Israeli lines from Gaza with a note in English attached to its collar which read: ‘I am a Danish dog and my name is Nikki. I am afraid of Egyptians and have crossed the Israeli line. Please take care of me and I will serve you well when I am grown up.”

“The letter apparently was written by a Danish member of the United Nations Emergency Force which was ordered out of its Egyptian positions earlier on demand of Egyptian President Nasser. The puppy was adopted by children of the collective settlement on the border.”