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Thoughts of volunteering? New engagement director can help


Milwaukee Jewish Federation runs with the help and guidance of more than 300 (!) volunteers. These amazing individuals give of their time and expertise to help with finances, allocations, programs, education, Israel and many other areas of community leadership.

Our volunteers have given so much to the Federation, it’s time for Federation to make sure the time and energy of our volunteers matches their passions and to ensure that our volunteers get to work in as many areas of the community as they are interested. To respond to this need, we developed a new position, engagement director. No one is better suited for this role than the experienced professional and lay leader, Jane Chernof.

Chernof will be completing her role in July as the Create a Jewish Legacy program coordinator for the Jewish Community Foundation. In role as engagement director, Chernof will work together with Federation program staff and lay leaders to find new roles for committee members who are rotating out of a leadership position as well as find new volunteers to take on leadership roles.

“It will be important to find new roles for our committed volunteers according to their interests and matching this to the needs of the Federation,” Chernof said. “We want to ensure that our willing volunteers continue their involvement with MJF and realize that they are important to the organization.”

Chernof will also work with Federation staff and programs to help identify new people who are interested in getting involved. She will reach out into the volunteer community, talk with people of all ages and find an appropriate place for them within the Federation family. This process will help bring new voices to the table and ensure that Federation volunteers are as diverse as the community itself.

Interested in talking to Jane about your community passions and expertise? She is ready to meet with you. Help us lead the Federation and our community into a strong and vibrant future. Contact, 414-390-5725.