JCC adds new security measures | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

JCC adds new security measures


WHITEFISH BAY – The Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center is enhancing security – taking several new steps, including adding a constant law enforcement presence.

“We constantly review our operations and make meaningful enhancements in our service to this community,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Shapiro and Chief Operating Officer Jesse Rosen in a joint statement. “Though we have not received any additional threat or interruption since this past Sunday, incidents that affected JCC operations in other cities have continued throughout the week.”

The JCC outlined the following new steps:

  • Beginning Friday, March 17, and for the near-term future, law enforcement officers from a number of departments will be present at the JCC during all hours of operation.
  • At the same time, law enforcement will begin securing the JCC’s facility during non-operational hours.
  • The JCC will invest in private security officers for deployment at entrances and throughout the site.
  • All visitors to the JCC, upon check-in, will present photo ID.  Members will continue to be required to scan in to access the JCC.
  • Bags and packages entering the JCC will be subject to search.

Nationwide and in Canada, more than 150 threats have been received by Jewish Community Centers, Jewish schools and other Jewish institutions since the beginning of the year, according to the Secure Community Network, which coordinates security across Jewish organizations.

“These enhancements, some of which may be temporary, will support our members’ visits and our staff’s ability to focus on what they do best:  serve you,” the statement says. “We are confident that these enhancements will have a positive impact on our operations and serve as a strong response to these continued interruptions.”