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Opinion: The election through Republican eyes


I realize that those who supported Hillary Clinton are in an awful amount of hurt because of the unexpected shock of the Trump victory. Part of this is the very fact that the Democratic Party did not realize what was happening in most of America outside of the big urban areas.

As a Republican I supported Ted Cruz after Scott Walker dropped out. When Trump won the primary I was bitterly disappointed.

In August I attended the Trump rally in Washington County because I was not on board but I wanted to observe what the press was not reporting and sense what a lot of disgruntled Americans were feeling.

Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert

Within 10 minutes I finally realized that we were riding on a tsunami gathering strength to hit the shore, on Nov. 8. With the appearance of corruption and criminality with Hillary Clinton I realized that Trump was the only choice. America just had only one more chance to save the country before going over the cliff altogether.

The reasons for the tsunami include:

  • The repudiation of President Obama’s socialist policies (especially Obamacare being rammed down our throats), often by executive order
  • Disdain of the sycophant press and TV news for being a genuine, propaganda mouthpiece for the Democratic Party
  • The lack of the president’s interest in national security and a terrible foreign policy
  • The disregard for our Constitution by the administration
  • Immigration, including my personal disgruntlement that only approximately 44 Christian refugees were welcomed into America since the Syrian War
  • The wanton disregard for lack of vetting by ignoring Facebook posts until after the fact
  • Being labeled racist if we disagree with Obama’s policies.

We Republicans face an awful amount of ignorance and being Jewish I am often asked, “How come so many Jewish people are liberal?” I do see this as a religious issue, where we see Orthodox leaning Republican and Reform leaning Democratic.

On racism the reason that white supremacists supported Trump is even evil people have hopefully a shred of goodness and their common denominator is love of America, which is sadly disappearing from our schools, especially with a lot of nonsensical, political correctness on our college campuses.

Now is the time to come out of mourning and give Trump a chance with some very qualified cabinet administrators and I firmly believe there will be a much better relationship with Israel. American embassy, “Next year b’Yerushalayim!”

 Growing up in England, Peter Gilbert has been in the Milwaukee area since 1976 after living for seven years in Israel.