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Oy, the Packers offer kosher franks


GREEN BAY – Lambeau Field has got to be the heart of Wisconsin. Look how the concession stand offers man-sized helpings of beer, menu items lathered in cheese and yummy kosher hot dogs.

Wait. What? Yes, kosher hot dogs.

ConAgra Foods, maker of the Hebrew National kosher frank, has a sponsorship agreement with the Packers, which includes the sale of their dogs at concession stands, according to Brand Communications Manager Dan Skinner.

Now before you get all excited about forming a minyan in your row, keep in mind that Hebrew National is marketed as a brand for everybody, not just Jews.

Consider the Green Bay-themed hot dog that Hebrew National promotes on its site. It has all kosher toppings, including kosher cheese curds and kosher fries. Oy.

Hebrew National has posted a recipe online for this “Green Bay kosher fries and cheese dog.”

Hebrew National has posted a recipe online for this “Green Bay kosher fries and cheese dog.”

Here’s a fun game: Try to explain without taking a breath how it is that something can be all kosher and yet seriously not at all kosher. If you can’t, drink (at an Oneg).

Also, for any non-Jewish, native-born Wisconsinite readers who have made it this far, we really must pause for an explanation. A hot dog is like a brat but smaller and red.

The Hebrew National site points out that its dogs bear the Triangle K symbol, “a trademarked logo that signifies ‘kashruth’ (kosher) as defined by the most stringent Jews who follow Orthodox Jewish Law.”

Well, maybe not all of the most stringent Jews. There’s been some controversy in Orthodox circles over whether Triangle K is stringent enough. There are, apparently, both supporters and detractors.

But we’re not going to get into that red hot debate. Who are we to link them to controversy? They might get something up in a bun-dle. By the way, we hope this isn’t all too painful for you; for what it’s worth, you’ve so far made it through this essay with dogged determination.

In any case, our vote is for the Packers to continue to offer Hebrew National kosher hot dogs at the stadium, because we like stuff associated with Judaism and dogs are tasty.

Now, don’t grill us on this. This is just a lighthearted lil’ thought, no reason to get all political about it – especially not Chicago style, please.