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Shir Hadash rabbi to leave


MILWAUKEE – Reconstructionist Congregation Shir Hadash, 2717 E. Hampshire St., Milwaukee, is losing its rabbi, Tiferet Berenbaum.

Her contract ends in June of 2017, though she plans to stay through a bat mitzvah in July. Berenbaum, 33, is not sure what she’ll do yet, but she’s thinking about a move to the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas.

She decided to leave Milwaukee, after serving Shir Hadash since 2013, after an incident involving her mother on the east coast. While they were on the phone, her mother screamed and fell. “I stayed on the phone with her until the paramedics got in,” Berenbaum recalls. Her mother recovered, but it made an impact.

“I knew I just had to go home.”

With her father having passed away, and Berenbaum expecting a child in December, she hopes to bring family together on the east coast, where they have roots.

“We’re terribly going to miss Milwaukee,” she said.