Tikkun Ha-Ir to hold new Glean Machine

The Glean Machine, a spring and summer clothing and household items drive of Tikkun Ha-Ir of Milwaukee, will return to local synagogue parking lots from May 29 to June 4.

For eight years, the Glean Machine has helped area shelters and agencies replenish essential supplies that their clients need. This year the drive will collect spring and summer clothing; small electric appliances; kitchenware; towels and twin sized linens; toiletries arts, crafts, and school supplies; and canned and packaged foods.

The full schedule of synagogue donation drop-offs is posted at www.thi-milwaukee.org.

Tikkun Ha-Ir encourages the Jewish community to build a more just Milwaukee through study, action and civic engagement. The Glean Machine is named for the biblical teaching of sharing agricultural produce left in the fields with the poor, and is one of Milwaukee’s few midyear supply drives.

Contact Cindy Cooper, 414-354-6380 or ccooper@thi-milwaukee.org, or Judy Baruch, 414-247-3750 or jbaruch@thi-milwaukee.org for information or to volunteer.