Hot and healthy — Café O offers Jewish penicillin for flu sufferers

To help combat the painful symptoms of the H1N1 virus, Sharon Siegel Langer, owner of the brand new “Cafe O,” has begun delivering chicken soup with matzah balls by the quart (prepared from scratch in Hillel’s kosher meat kitchen) to campus area residents.

Information for ordering can be found on the Hillel website

Langer, who has owned and operated Cafe Osher in Milwaukee for three years, will be opening “Cafe O” in the next few weeks in the Barbara Hochberg Center for Jewish Student Life at 611 Langdon Street.

The kosher dairy and vegetarian café will feature fresh salads, panini sandwiches, pizza, homemade baked goods, coffee and tea, and of course, soup. Catering services will also be available.

The move makes good sense to Langer, whose two daughters attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Aside from medical studies, which have shown that chicken soup provides relief for cold and flu symptoms, Langer thinks like a mother.

“First I am a Jewish mother, second I am a caterer. I do for them what I would do for my own if they were sick, so chicken soup was my first thought.”