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Nicolet High School offered kosher-for-Passover meals at prom, on April 27, toward the end of the Passover week. 

Nicolet is a public school, with one of the largest Jewish populations in the state.  

“We’re trying to be accommodating of the front end,” Superintendent Greg Kabara said. He credited the staff: “When students ask or say, ‘are you doing something’ or ‘can you do something,’ they’re not resisting.” 

The date of prom was moved to accommodate a robotics competition, landing it on April 27. When the Passover conflict came to school officials’ attention, they arranged to offer kosher-for-Passover meals, from Milwaukee caterer Hannah’s Kitchen. The option functioned similarly to a vegan or vegetarian option, Kabara said. 

Marilyn K. Franklin, a member of the Nicolet School Board, is impressed with the district’s record on diversity. She recalled how the grand reopening of the school after renovations was moved to accommodate a Jewish holiday. 

“I find that amazing. I really do. When I went to school, there was no such thing as days off for Jewish holidays. Period,” Franklin said. 

“We do build our calendar to try to accommodate those religious observations, like we would for typical Christian holidays as well,” Kabara said.  



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