Mission Statement | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Mission Statement

The mission of The Chronicle is to provide news of a local, national and international charter so as to:

FOSTER a sense of community within the Jewish population of Wisconsin.

PROVIDE information and interpretation concerning Jewish life that is not available through local and national media.

CREATE a forum for hearing those issues of a local, national and international nature that are important to Jews.

SUPPORT the publisher, the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, in its community-building goal of promoting awareness of and support for the value of Jewish community.

SERVE as a communications vehicle through which local organizations, agencies and synagogues can report to their constituencies and to the Jewish community in general and through which they can publicize their activities.

RECORD community events and life cycle events through articles and photographs, so as to act as a history of the community.

MAINTAIN an advertising medium for reaching the Jewish population.

Approved 1998 by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation Board of Directors.