Apartments sought for displaced Israelis | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Apartments sought for displaced Israelis  

The World Zionist Organization is asking owners of vacant Israeli properties to lend their apartments to displaced people. 

The organization pledged to ensure that apartments loaned to Israeli families through its new program, “My Home is Your Home,” are left in their original condition., Contract agreements will help accomplish this, according to the organization’s news release.  

Hundreds of Israeli homes were destroyed amidst Hamas’ terrorist attacks, leaving many residents to seek temporary shelter in hotels, according to the group. However, the WZO says that hotel accommodations are not a viable long term solution due to the high cost of stays.  

“The ‘My Home is Your Home’ initiative is an example of the mutual responsibility between the Jews of the diaspora and the citizens of Israel. We are happy to be able to carry out an emotional joining of hearts and further promote the unity of Israel in this difficult time,” said Yaakov Hagoel, chairman of the World Zionist Organization.