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Help for older family members 

Lauren O’Desky, Jewish community member, is the founder and CEO of Wellspring Care Management, a geriatric care management company that provides “care managers” to geriatric patients.  

Care managers can assist patients inside and outside of the home in a variety of tasks – anything from appointment setting to financial and medication management. 

“We have been able to keep people home,” O’Desky said. “We’re able to make sure that the family is able to be the family… the kids are able to be the kids and not have 40 different tasks to do for mom instead of sitting with mom.” 

This is not O’Desky’s first time working with the elder community. She is the longtime owner of Oasis Senior Management, a free consultation service on elder care, and will continue running both services. 

While Wellspring Care Management does not limit its services to the Jewish community, O’Desky’s staff is trained and experienced in working in Jewish homes and kosher kitchens, she said.  

“My nurses know how to get around a kosher kitchen. They know how to shop for Jewish families,” O’Desky said. “They know how to do those things because we have a lot of patients who are kosher.”