Life lesson at the tiny house project | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Life lesson at the tiny house project

No doubt, you would be hard-pressed to come up with a more important life lesson than fixing a mistake, not just moving on and leaving it.  

Teens were learning that hard lesson outside Milwaukee Jewish Day School on a cold afternoon, March 14, 2023. They were removing glue from wood, to re-set the wood properly. 

“Yeah, we made a mistake,” said Nadav, 13, resigning himself to it. “Now we need to redo it.” 

The scene was a group of MJDS students gathered to work on their tiny house. It’s a future gift to the James A. Peterson Veteran Village in Racine. The school project is woodworking with a purpose, an idea from MJDS teacher Jim Salinsky. 

“Right now we are just taking out all the nails and screws because we messed up the boards,” explained Zach, 14, standing before a section of a tiny house in progress, on the ground. “These pieces were out of line.” 

Still, he’s enjoying the work. 

“It’s fun,” Zach said. “It’s fun to use all these tools, to try out new things.”  

Has he ever done anything like this before? “Kind of,” he said. “Built a sukkah.” 

Peyton, 13, was using a chisel to scrape glue off the wood.  

“We’re building our house for a homeless veteran,” Peyton said. “Because the veterans served our country, and we want to help them by giving them a home.”