LYNKS, making chenille blankets, is woven with Jewish community entrepreneurs | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

LYNKS, making chenille blankets, is woven with Jewish community entrepreneurs

One local start-up is offering chunky-knit soft chenille blankets, custom handmade to order. 

It’s the work of Milwaukee knitters Camilla Adelman and Jaime Levine, the entrepreneurs behind LYNKS and members of the local Jewish community.   

Levine said she and Adelman are creating blankets and pillows in beautiful color combinations with patch and charm embellishments tailored to the customer’s liking. “We pride ourselves on being not-just-your-grandma’s blanket,” Levine said. 

“We decided to join forces and make these chunky knit blankets,” said Adelman of Fox Point, who is affiliated with Chabad Lubavitch of Wisconsin. “I would say we’re slowly growing and coming up with new product lines every year. We have a lot of repeat customers and are gaining traction on social media.”  

The product was born during the pandemic two and a half years ago. “I started making one on my own with my daughter and she left me to do it myself. My friend Camilla and I just decided maybe there’s something here,” said Levine of Mequon, who is a member of Congregation Shalom.  

LYNKS is one of the 24 new businesses to be featured on “Project Pitch It,” starting March 18. The show, now in its seventh season, is a local, more positive take on the hit television show, “Shark Tank.” 

Of her appearance on “Project Pitch It,” Levine said, “I’m a big fan of ‘Shark Tank.’ I watch it all the time with my family. I was excited to be chosen for ‘Project Pitch It.’ The moguls are all really kind and give really good advice and everyone’s a winner.” 

“I think it helped us grow,” Adelman said. “We are learning how to pitch and talk about our products to different audiences.”