‘Apples, Apples’ – Liza Wiemer’s monthly recommendation | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

‘Apples, Apples’ – Liza Wiemer’s monthly recommendation 


‘Apples, Apples All Year Round’ by Barbara Bietz and June Sobel, illustrated by Ruth Waters, published by Apples and Honey 

From Rosh Hashana to Passover, the authors share the tasty ways apples are used to help celebrate Jewish holidays. This is a fun and sweet introduction that can be enhanced with deeper explanations provided by a parent or teacher about each holiday’s meaning. 

‘The Stars Will Be My Nightlight: A Sukkah Story’ by Jen Halpern, illustrated by Chiara Fedele, published by Kar-Ben Publishing 

Beautiful. It’s the perfect word to describe the text and the illustrations of this heartfelt story of a little boy who wants to sleep in the sukkah and does so with him mom. There’s an easy-to-understand explanation as to why we build sukkahs. It also has the Shema prayer, showing the boy reciting it before bedtime. This is an outstanding way to share different traditions for this holiday. Will the stars be your nightlight this Sukkot?  

‘The Very Best Sukkah: A Story From Uganda,’ by Shoshana Nambi, illustrated by Moran Yogev, published by Kalaniot Books 

This touching story highlights the author’s experience as a member of the Abayudaya Jewish community in the Eastern part of Uganda and ho each family builds their own unique sukkah to celebrate the joyous holiday of Sukkot. Everyone wants to have the best sukkah, but in the end it’s how the community helps one another that inspire readers. The illustrations are bold, bright, and beautiful, capturing the spirit of Abayudaya. Don’t miss the author’s note on how this community came to practice Judaism and the acknowledgment of their trials, tribulations, and halachic issues. 

‘What’s in Tuli’s Box?’ by Ann Koffsky, published by Apples and Honey Press 

Every day, giving tzedukah is an important part of Jewish life. With the holidays, we strive to give even more. What’s in Tuli’s Box tells the story of a cute, curious cat that finds a box, describing its shape, space, and weight as it fills up with coins. The adorable illustrations will keep children turning pages and asking to participate in the mitzvah of tzedukah! 

Educator and author Liza Wiemer, of Fox Point, has taught in nine of our Milwaukee-area Jewish religious schools and day schools. Her latest novel, “The Assignment,” is appropriate for ages 12 and up.