Temple Menorah to hold another giant sale | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Temple Menorah to hold another giant sale 


Temple Menorah, 9363 N. 76th St., will open its six-day annual rummage sale on July 28, 2022, from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. The synagogue donates all leftover goods and gives the event’s proceeds to their social action committee, to use for efforts like events and community food distribution. 

The fundraiser occupies almost the entire building and ushers in hundreds of patrons daily.  

“This is a huge undertaking. It takes months to set up. But it’s a lot of fun,” Rabbi Gil-Ezer Lerer said. The congregation begins preparing for the sale in February, categorizing bags of clothes and answering phone call inquiries year-round. “We’ve been doing this for thirty years. The reputation in the area is huge,” Lerer said.   

Lerer listed an array of items that can be seen at the rummage sale: boats, cars, trucks, jungle gyms, outdoor furniture, books, household appliances and Judaica. “Everybody’s in need of a good deal,” Lerer said. With free admission, the sale attracts congregation members, schools looking for equipment, summer camps seeking sporting goods and others from the wider community.  

To ask any questions about the upcoming sale, call 414-355-1120.