Hiking trip across Israel is planned | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Hiking trip across Israel is planned 


“Hike Israel from Sea to Sea” is a series of short hikes, paired with a trip to the Milwaukee area’s partnership region in the north of the Jewish state, subsidized by Milwaukee Jewish Federation. 

The trip is a project of Federation, its Israel Center and the Partnership2Gether network. The approximate cost is $2,900, which includes airfare, accommodation, guided hikes and most meals.  

The Sovev Kinneret region, or the area around the Sea of Galilee, is the Milwaukee and St. Paul, Minnesota areas’ partnership region. Participants will hike from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, will learn about local ecology and water resources, and will spend Shabbat with local families. The trip is slated for Nov. 6-15, 2022.  

The sea-to-sea hike is popular, but this trip will not take on the whole voyage all at once. Smaller sections will be hiked each day, with the longest at about 6 miles. More typical will be 3-4 miles or fewer in one day. “We’re hiking the more picturesque parts of the trip and combining it with site visits and learning,” said P2G Coordinator Susie Rosengarten. “There will be opportunities to try the cuisine.” 

“There’s so much to love about Israel, the people, the culture, but I don’t know if people think about how beautiful the land is and this particular trip is an opportunity to see a lot of that.”  

The last in-person trip to offer a locally based P2G encounter in the partnership region was in March of 2020, a Weinstein Fellowship group. Two other trips planned for 2020 were canceled because of the pandemic. 

“We’re super-excited to get back and do it in this particular way,” Rosengarten said. 

For more information, visit MilwaukeeJewish.org/P2G or contact Rosengarten at SusieR@MilwaukeeJewish.org