Book Corner: ‘The Prophetess’ – Wisconsin Jewish educator’s monthly recommendation is on a book that took 20 years to make | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Book Corner: ‘The Prophetess’ – Wisconsin Jewish educator’s monthly recommendation is on a book that took 20 years to make


Evonne Marzouk spent twenty years writing this novel, and her passion radiates from every page. She shares a profound spiritual journey that is deeply rooted in Jewish mysticism. There is nothing like this in the book world as readers learn about the special role a Jewish teen, Rachel, embarks on to fulfill her gifts as a prophetess. From dating, friendship, college applications, eating disorders, various ways of observing Judaism to the extraordinary world of prophets and prophetesses, readers will find this book hard to put down. Although it’s written for young adults, I highly recommend this novel for adults, too. There’s a lot to unpack and discuss so consider reading this for a book club.  

I asked Evonne what compelled her to write this novel. Here’s her inspiring answer: 

At a certain point in my life, I was searching for wisdom. I read a lot of helpful books, but I didn’t find what I really wanted: a story with engaging characters that would gently reveal the wisdom of Jewish tradition and the potential of my own soul. I set out to write that book, and The Prophetess is the result. I hope it will empower all its readers, and especially young heroines seeking wisdom like I was, to discover and grow into their many gifts. 

Educator and author Liza Wiemer, of Fox Point, has taught in nine of our Milwaukee-area Jewish religious schools and day schools. Her latest novel, “The Assignment,” is appropriate for ages 12 and up.