Why are these jammies different from all other jammies? | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Why are these jammies different from all other jammies? 


With the third pandemic Passover approaching, some families are still deciding to have their Seder meal at home with immediate family members. Instead of dressing up in dresses and button-up shirts, some could opt for a more comfortable option: pajamas.  

Rabbi Yael Buechler, who owns the New York-based Jewish fashion company Midrash Manicures, has started her own line of matzo pajamas. Why are these pajamas different from all other pajamas? They allow for children to relax at home while harvesting a special connection to Judaism, she said.  

“For kids, this is the ability to wear a holiday and feel connected to Passover in that way is really special, and I think especially for kids that have had most of their Judaism at home over the past two years,” Buechler said. 

Last year, Rabbi Buechler bought her children regular pajamas to wear to their family’s seder, since they were staying home. Her youngest son immediately gravitated towards the yellow pajamas, wearing them every night and coining the term “matzo pajamas.” 

Since Midrash Manicures already makes matzo products, like matzo dresses, scrunchies and headbands, this idea was right up Rabbi Buechler’s alley. Midrash Manicures can be reached at MidrashManicures.com