Mark Brickman won’t stop | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Mark Brickman won’t stop 


Mark Brickman, a longtime Jewish community mega-volunteer, isn’t quite as involved as he used to be. But give him a break, he’s 87. 

Brickman still goes to work and works out, and that’s despite being treated for cancer. 

“I come to my office every day. I work. I’ve got a portfolio of properties that I manage for people that I put them into over many years. That’s what I do. I’m busy every day,” said Brickman, who has worked many years in real estate. He also served as Milwaukee Jewish Federation’s board chair and led the Federation’s foundation, among other roles. 

He works out at the Wisconsin Athletic Club.  

“I’ve got a whole routine of machines that I use … about eight or nine different machines,” he said. “They have a treadmill. I do that two or three times a week.” 

He and his wife have a 16-acre farm in Mequon, with chickens and other animals. He doesn’t tend to the farm himself, but he does get a kick out of mowing down about a mile and a half of trails on his riding lawnmower. 

He stays active to stay strong, he said. 

“I was always sort of a jock,” Brickman said. “I played football in Wisconsin actually as a freshman, and I wasn’t good enough, big enough, tough enough,” he said with a laugh. “I hated it, and they hated me.” In fact, he remembers being penalized for taking off for Yom Kippur. 

His advice for others: “If you can manage staying active, stay active. If you want to live long and in a healthy kind of way, I do believe in being active, and not just sitting around watching TV or playing cards – nothing wrong with cards, but I don’t do it.”