2021 Yamim is a chance to stay connected | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

2021 Yamim is a chance to stay connected 


MILWAUKEE – Yamim events this month will be virtual, and people can help build community when they participate, said Rabbi Hannah Wallick, vice president of outreach, Israel and overseas for the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. 

Rabbi Hannah Wallick

She recalled one recent Zoom event: “When you got onto it and you looked in the chat, people said things like, ‘It’s so great to see all your faces, I miss you all so much. That’s how we build bridges to each other in this virtual environment.”  

It’s part of why the theme for Yamim this year is “Strength in Community.” 

Yamim is a trio of annual events – typically held in spring – that tends to draw strong community participation in Milwaukee. They are Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 11 (see story, page 5); Yom HaZikaron or Israels Day of Remembrance on April 13 (see story, page 14); and Yom HaAtzmaut or Israeli Independence Day on April 18 (see story, page 15). 

“There are so many national places that are having events,” Wallick said. “Why didn’t we just say to our community, here’s a link? But to lose the ability to see each other and speak to each other even within the limitations of a chat, we lose our only opportunity to connect to community members here in Milwaukee.” 

Registration is required for all events at MilwaukeeJewish.org/Yamim. 

Yamim is organized by Milwaukee Jewish Federation, the Nathan & Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center, and the Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center.