Rabbi Twerski: We can take on the pandemic | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Rabbi Twerski: We can take on the pandemic 


G-d is telling us that we are equal to the task, said Rabbi Benzion Twerski, a key leader in Milwaukee’s west side Torah-observant community. Twerski is part of several generations of Twerski leadership at Congregation Beth Jehudah, 3100 N. 52nd St.  

Twerski made his remarks in a Dec. 27, 2020 video podcast, episode 33 of “Let’s get real with Coach Menachem.” 

During the podcast, Twerski was asked about the negative feelings we all can have during the pandemic. Is G-d punishing us? Are we doing what Hashem wants? 

Twerski responded with the story of a Navy SEAL he’d met in Texas. The man had gotten divorced, had trouble holding down a job and was depressed.  

Twerski talked about we can see hardship as an insult: We’re embarrassed oftentimes about some of the challenges Hashem presents us with: ‘I should be beyond A, B and C.’” 

But just as military leadership trusted in the Texas man to become a Navy SEAL, G-d has trusted in us to take on the pandemic.  

That’s kind of been my framework though this period. It’s essentially that Hashem is saying you are equal to the task. 

Keeping youth in Judaism 

Twerski was also asked about maintaining Yiddishkeit among youth: How do I get my children more interested in Judaism?  

“Is there a sense of amazing privilege before we do a mitzvah?” Twerski responded. “There needs to be something that is so exciting, so compelling.” 

He said we need to “bring G-d back into Judaism.”