Torah Academy of Milwaukee navigates pandemic | Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Torah Academy of Milwaukee navigates pandemic 


The pulse of things at Torah Academy of Milwaukee – a school for girls from observant families – has been sorely impacted by the pandemic, just as so many other schools and institutions have been.  

Torah Academy of Milwaukee has been holding classes with social distancing and mask wearing; cordoned off its student lounge; will hold its annual and celebrated student performance virtually; and called off plans for their annual retreat. 

TAM had planned its annual retreat for November, even arranging for a coach bus instead of a school bus, with the hope that this would provide more social distancing for students. But the school canceled the trip about four weeks beforehand, as the pandemic seemed to worsen, said Administrator Trudy Farber.  

“Extra-curricular programming is a big challenge,” Farber said. “It’s a big part of who we are.”