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Students are attending virtual public school from the JCC 


The Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center has opened a “Student Center” program to give children someplace safe and supervised to go during virtual schooling. 

More than 30 children in kindergarten through fifth grade taking virtual classes with nine public schools around town are spending their virtual schooling hours at the JCC building, 6255 N. Santa Monica Blvd., Whitefish Bay. The idea is to give parents a break or an opportunity to work, while JCC staff work to ensure safety, mask wearing, social distancing and learning all take place. 

“We are really proud of this program,” said Ronna Ruffin, director of youth programs for the JCC. “It’s amazing. Youre hearing kids reading for the first time and figuring out math. 

Student Center Lead Teacher Laura Slatky-Verkuilen assists Aaron, a student there.

The figuring is assisted by JCC educators who are there to help with the lessons or the technology as needed.  

They help manage everyone’s schedule,” Ruffin said. “Theyre helping to teach our kids a little bit of organization. 

Kids attend only during virtual school hours. For some kids, that’s part-time; for others, it’s the full school day. The JCC charges $598 for two weeks full time, or $539 for part time. JCC membership is required, but it’s possible to try the program out with a free, temporary membership pass, Ruffin said.  

The effort includes heavy cleaning and mask breaks for the kids outside, when possible and with appropriate distancing. Inside, there’s enough room to move around and take appropriate precautions, she said. “We are able to move from child to child and help them navigate,” she said.  

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